Smart Technology Helps You Sell Your House to Millenials

Monday Aug 08th, 2016



Are you looking for ways to attract Millenials as prospective buyers? These technology savvy buyers want everything to be done on their smartphones and securing their homes and controlling the lights is no exception.

Many realtors suggest small updates like decluttering, painting a room or even adding some fresh flowers when setting up your house for sale. If you know your buyers are likely to be millennials however, consider adding a smartlock, a smart doorbell or smart lights to make your home more attractive. 

Millennial home buyers are almost twice as likely as any other age group to pay more for a home that includes so-called “smart technology.”

You can use a smart door lock to control access to possible renters or a cleaning service or even the dog walker. Smart lights will mimic your actions during the day via a simple program on any cellphone. This eliminates the need to question – did you remember to turn off the lights?

Some smart doorbells will allow you to see who is at the door – even when you aren’t home! This technology could be handy for letting in a neighbour in an emergency or allowing a friend to pick up something when you cannot be home.

There are also smart thermostats that control your furnace and airconditioner that can be controlled right from your phone. Cool the house off before you get home from a vacation – without spending a fortune on utilities.

Are you looking for more tips on what to do as you get ready to sell your home? Maybe you just want to know what home renovations will get you the most for your investment. Knowing who your prospective buyer is an important piece of the puzzle.

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